NJACP committees and work groups provide a variety of forums for members to have a voice on topics, trends, policy and in pertinent issues central to our community service system and consumer groups. We encourage NJACP members to exercise their voices and participate in the various opportunities listed below. We also welcome suggestions you may have–contact NJACP at 609-406-1400 or emailing us at .

Board of Directors
To advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of NJACP so as to support the organization’s mission and needs. The board is comprised of 14 members (each serving a 3 year term) elected by the NJACP membership.

Standing Committees of the Board (Appointed By Board of Directors)

  • Board Development
  • Finance

Board Development
Vicky Calabro, President, Everas Community Services

The Board Development Committee reviews potential candidates for Board positions and proposes a slate of Officers and Directors to fill Board vacancies. The committee also focuses on board development by continually assessing member representation on the Board. The Board also conducts self-assessments and utilizes best practices.

Finance Committee
Cheryl Marks-Young, CFO, Easter Seals NJ

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to ensure the fiscal integrity of the organization, maintain fiscal accountability to our members and promote financial stability and soundness. The committee makes recommendations to the NJACP Board for the approval of the annual NJACP budget, oversees the implementation of the NJACP investment plan and monitors the NJACP preferred vendors program. The Finance Committee also oversees the annual independent audit. Membership on this committee is established by the NJACP Board.

Standing Committees (Open to all members/membership established at the start of calendar year)

  • Corporate Compliance & QA
  • Member Resources
  • Legislative & Policy

Corporate Compliance & QA
Donna Clinger, VP, Quality Support & Training, Alternatives, Inc.
Clair Rohrer, VP, Community Residential Services, Bancroft

The Compliance and QA Committee ensures member agencies have the necessary information and resources regarding corporate compliance and QA. The Compliance and QA Committee will seek expertise, solicit member feedback and develop new programs to prepare member agencies to successfully operate within New Jersey’s and the Federal regulatory environment.

Member Resources
Terry McKeon, Executive Director, Special Homes of New Jersey, Inc.

The Member Resources Committee, with the objective of ensuring the ongoing value of NJACP membership, evaluates existing services for member agencies, solicits member feedback regarding future programs and develops new programs to prepare member agencies to successfully operate within New Jersey’s regulatory environment. In this effort, the Member Resources Committee develops and organizes educational programs, training and workshops for agencies and oversees the two major NJACP events, the Annual Conference and the annual STARS Awards Dinner. As part of the events, members of the Committee select the annual NJACP Leadership Award recipients.

Legislative & Policy
Genie Drobit, President/CEO, Quality Management Associates
Peter Bell, CEO, Eden Autism Services

The Legislative & Policy Committee educates key system partners on the effects of proposed legislation and regulation, and other venues of public policy, on the lives of consumers with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, their families and the community-based agencies that provide supports and services. The L & P Constituency Group reviews, evaluates and advises the NJACP Board of Directors and key professional staff with regard to state and federal policies, pending legislation and the rules, regulations and procedures of executive agencies of the state and federal governments that are pertinent to community provider agencies. The evaluation and review allows for the thoughtful development and execution of policies. The outcome of deliberations will be used to education and influence decisions makers to positively affect the decisions they make concerning provider agencies.

Constituency Groups (Open to All Members)

  • CFO
  • Human Resources
  • Day Services
  • Support Coordination

CFO Constituency Group
Aaron Soto, CFO, AMIB

The Chief Financial Officer Constituency Group will serve as a resource for the finance professionals of member agencies. In addition, participating members will provide feedback and guidance to NJACP staff in relation to policy and regulatory issues as well as issues that will have an impact on the financial operations of agencies. Participants include CFOs, Accounting Department Managers as well as any other staff member that has responsibility for any aspect of financial management.

Human Resources Constituency Group
Aggie Niemiec, HR Manager, Alternatives, Inc.
Christine DiGiampaolo, State Director of HR,  Devereux NJ

The Human Resources executives associated with the New Jersey Association of Community Providers and the New Jersey Alliance for Children, Youth and Families (NJACYF) are working collaboratively to address issues related to providers.  The co-chairs represent both NJACP and NJACYF.

Day Services Constituency Group
Jennifer Rector, Executive Director,  Everas Community Services

The Day Services Constituency Group of the New Jersey Association of Community Providers will identify, analyze and determine strategies to address legislative and regulatory issues, whether under consideration, proposed or adopted, that will have an impact on providers of Day Services. Strategies should strive to create an environment where providers can meet the needs of the consumers they serve and do so in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Support Coordination Constituency Group
Carolyn Suero, Senior Director, Alternatives

The Constituency Group is charged with identifying the most important issues and obstacles in current support coordination policies and procedures for the benefit of NJACP member agencies.  The goal is to develop best practices for the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and NJACP member agencies.

Public Relations
Vicky Calabro, President, Everas Community Services

The Public Relations Committee will provide opportunities for visibility of community services of our member agencies. The objective is to ensure we provide the message regarding the value and tremendous success of community services for individuals with developmentally and intellectual disabilities. In this effort, the Public Relation Committee develops a marketing/ public relation plan and organizes NJACP media publications and campaigns.