NJACP serves as an advocate for both legislative and regulatory affairs on behalf of its membership and the people with intellectual and developmental disabilities they serve. NJACP educates policymakers and stakeholders on the rights and needs of all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and advocates for a legislative and regulatory environment necessary to ensure a sustainable consumer driven, community-based system of care that will provide engaged and active lives for people. NJACP serves as a liaison between the human services system providing supports and services to people and the elected and regulatory officials that make key policy decisions. NJACP supports and promotes the interests of providers and people through one influential voice and through coalitions and strategic alliances with other like-minded organizations.  The Government Affairs section of the NJACP website provides:

  • Up to date information about the latest federal and state initiatives;
  • Policies and issues requiring members and the public to speak with one voice through NJACP’s online advocacy tool, Voter Voice; and,
  • Research and policy analysis.

The site also links to important resources on the federal and state level.

Message from the NJACP Legislative and Policy Chairpersons
Darren Blough and John Winer, Ph.D.

The NJACP Legislative and Policy Committee is responsible for reviewing legislative policy that impacts providers serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as the people they support. After careful consideration, the committee takes positions on state and federal legislation, regulatory proposals and policies that are then forwarded to the NJACP Board of Directors for approval. The committee is also at the forefront of advocacy efforts on behalf of NJACP and develops strategies to support NJACP positions.

The committee is comprised of NJACP members representing a range of agencies.  We are honored to Co-Chair the committee and consider policies and legislation that will affect the future of people’s lives and the way services and supports are funded and delivered. More than ever before, attention and action is needed to ensure policies that sustain a community based system are enacted. Our system is undergoing unprecedented changes with the transition to fee for service, closure of developmental centers and attempts to over regulate a system that should be built on person centered planning and freedom of choice.  This requires the input, expertise and vigilance of the provider community.  We encourage your participation in considering issues, providing comments when necessary and taking action.  Speaking with one voice is the most effective way to achieve effective and sustainable community options for people.

Remember, Together We are Better