Serious Incident Investigations Training Fall 2016

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September 28 – 30, 2016


Students attending this course will learn the fundamental principles of conducting investigation, including:

1. The role of speed, thoroughness and objectivity in the conduct of a real  investigations.
2. Fundamental definitions, such as relevance, types of evidence and forms in which evidence is collected.
3. Techniques for conducting successful interviews.
4. Proper methodologies in developing written statements and other documentary records associated with the interview process. 5. The collection and preservation of physical evidence.
6. Reconciling conflicting evidence.

For many years, LRA has offered a process for certifying investigators as part of our investigations training for public and private agencies. Given the federal and state oversight of incident management and investigative practices, implementing a certification process through competency based testing affirms an agency’s commitment to performing quality investigations.

Participants who successfully complete the Conducting Serious Incident Investigations course and score 80 percent or higher on the exam will receive Level I Certification.

$545 Members of NJACP
$695 Non-Members

Saint Clare’s Hospital
400 West Blackwell Street
Dover, NJ  07801

The training room for this session has not yet been assigned on the hospital’s campus.  A room will be assigned in July 2016.  If you have questions or concerns, please call NJACP at 609-406-1400.

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Sept. 28 – 30 @ St. Clare’s Hospital Dover